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Manufacturers of Crumpet and Food Processing Equipment

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Cropp Engineering, New Zealand, established in 1992, specializes in the manufacture of crumpet and food processing equipment. With the rapid advance in specialty bakery products, Cropp Engineering has developed a range of sophisticated, high output, griddle type baking equipment which is now accepted as being the best of its type in the world.

Cropp Engineering now provide the highest output per square metre of baking surface in the world using the innovative cast iron plate technology, meeting modern requirements.

Don Cropp was first introduced to the manufacture of crumpets and crumpet processing equipment in the early 1980's doing occasional work around the bakery for his step father, Ron Templeton who owned Golden Crumpets Canterbury, supplying crumpets to the whole of the South Island, New Zealand. It was here that Don learnt about crumpet manufacturing using the ancient machinery and technology which was primarily used throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

Cropp Engineering evolved in 1992, as Don moved into the manufacturing of crumpet equipment. Don began to think of ways to improve efficiency and overcome existing problems such as productivity, piston jamming, spillage and limited floor space. The design of the cast iron griddle had effectively remained unchanged since its invention in the Southern Hemisphere in 1948. The need was recognized for some new engineering input. Don Cropp set himself the task of further redeveloping this griddle in 1993, increasing output by 30-35% and reducing energy output by 30-35%.

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