Being an electrician by trade and having been involved in the foreman family business of production of crumpets for Golden Crumpets, Don was in a search for excellence in design and innovation, driving him to use his electronic and engineering skills to revolutionize the crumpet industry.


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Cropp Engineering

The key obstacle which Don overcame was the difference between Southern and Northern Hemisphere crumpets. Cropp Engineering were the first company to overcome the obstacle embodied in the Northern Hemisphere older technology 'plate and ring system,' offering the first cast iron griddle to produce the 'white sided' English crumpet. This is a huge breakthrough; Cropp Engineering is able to cater to all crumpet markets.

Cropp Engineering crumpet machines can produce between 5,000 - 15,000 crumpets per hour, without the troublesome central carrier chain which is another Cropp innovation, worthy of serious consideration by those upgrading their plant.

Crumpet Sizes

Circular: 3.5inch (90mm) 4inch (100mm)

Square: 3.5inch (90mm) 4inch (100mm) 4.5inch (110mm)

Cropp Engineering can tailor make machines to cater to any sizing requirements. Please enquire for further information.

Innovative Ideas

Cropp Engineering produced the first square crumpet which can be split into two 'finger crumpets'. Cropp Engineering's griddle is a ground up redesign in crumpet manufacture. The first idea solved the issue of poor use of surface area by attaching cast iron plates to the drive chains. The second covers the method for producing the crumpet that splits.