With over 20 years experience in cast iron, Cropp Engineering is able to take an idea for a new bakery product and design and manufacture the appropriate equipment.

Design and Manufacture

All Cropp Engineering Ltd design is done in house, beginning with drawings, right through to the final completion. All drawings are formatted using Microstation V8i which gives Cropp Engineering Ltd the ability of importing, exporting and generating AutoCad .dwg and .dxf files for laser and plasma cutting. Pdf files can be sent anywhere in the world for client approval.

Design and Manufacture Crumpets machine

A new bakery product and design and manufacture the appropriate equipment
Design and Manufacture Crumpets machine
Cropp Engineering

Quality Design

With years of experience in the industry, Cropp Engineering has developed a tried and true design like no other, using what we believe to be the highest quality cast iron in the world. Cropp Engineering has had strong affiliations for almost twenty years with CanCast Ltd, who produce the superior quality cast iron used in all machines.

The beauty of Cropp Engineering's tried, true and tested design, is in its flexibility. All machines can be tailor made to suit any customer requirements and their environment, whilst maintaining the same superior fundamental performance, ensuring their machines are market leaders.

Using different grades of cast iron, the iron can be tailor made to suit the purpose. One of the wonderful aspects of cast iron is that it can be used without any release agent. A complication of the old Plate and Ring system is the absolute necessity to use an oil based release agent on the forming rings to allow the ring to be removed from around the crumpet.

Cropp Engineering Ltd now has a system that embodies all the advantages of the cast iron sliding piston system while maintain the attributes of the Plate and Ring system without the use of any oil.